Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giving Up To Give a Dinner Out (times 12)--Meet the Schulers


Today Andre and Amy Schuler and their two children are Giving Up To Give a dinner out. But what makes their Giving Up To Give donation unique is that they are doing this every month for the whole year!

Here is what they had to say about their monthly Giving Up To Give donation.

" We are giving up our dinner once a month for 2014. We feel that this is a monthly sacrifice that we can make that will also be a physical reminder to keep our thoughts fixed on DRC and the futures of the children living there. Signing up for Giving Up To Give came at a great time. We have been searching for an organziation that we felt was doing positive and constructive work in DRC, and when we saw this opportunity come up we felt strongly that we wanted to participate. Our daughter was born in DRC so our connection to Congo is very personal! She joined our family in March of 2011 and our lives became so full and rich because of her. We have met many amazing families and children through the Congo adoption community, and would someday love to travel to Congo to show our children the beauty and strength in the midst of hardship."

We love this idea of a recurring Giving Up To Give donation. Can you think of anything that you could Give Up To Give once a month this year?

If you are still wondering why you should Give Up To Give this year, Andre and Amy think the question should really be "why not?" instead of "why?". "There are so many luxuries that we can give up, and even the smallest amount, the one cup of coffee, can benefit the lives of children. The illustration* on the website about seeing the abandoned baby and asking how far removed does that baby need to be before you feel like it’s no longer your responsibility is so true and convicting. Not only can you help the lives of children, but your own life will be become richer…just try and see!"

* To read the illustration, click here or go to the "Why We (and you) Should Care" tab at the top of the page.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giving Up Dinner Out: The Freys

Instead of eating out as a family tonight, Andy and Andrea along with their 2 children will be making dinner at home and donating the money they would have spent to Giving Back To Africa. Their motivation to join Giving Up To Give is a personal one.

Andrea said, "We're donating the money we would have spent for our family to go out to dinner and instead we'll eat at home. I picked today because it's my sister Amy's birthday and her family and specifically her daughter Ava are what inspired me to participate in Giving up to Give. Ava was adopted from the Congo three years ago and we love her so much. This is a great way for my kids to connect Ava with the country she was born in and to help them realize how important it is to give, while hopefully making a difference. "

Thanks for eating in tonight Freys and for hopefully inspiring other families to join you in Giving Up To Give.

(pictured are Andy and Andrea's children and their niece--Ava--and nephew)



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Giving Up a Tank of Gas: The Harrimans

Earlier this month Hubert and Sarah Harriman donated the equivalent of a tank of gas. The equivalent of their Giving Up To Give donation is the monthly salary of one of Giving Back to Africa's amazing teachers. Just one tank of gas allows one teacher to provide for his or her family while also giving their students a high quality education and empowering them to become servant leaders. You won't find a much better deal for your money than that!

Here is what Hubert and Sarah had to say about their Giving Up To Give donation:

"We want to give where it makes a difference and helping kids in the Congo go to school makes a difference. When we look at all we have, we see how much we have in comparison to the rest of the world, and it makes what we do give actually look quite insignificant. We could all give more and we purpose to do that this year."

Could you Give Up one tank of gas in the month of February to Give a Giving Back To Africa teacher his monthly salary?