What We Are Giving Up To Give

You can give up anything, from something small to something big. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • your morning coffee
  • your lunch
  • dinner (eat rice and beans instead)
  • dining out
  • dessert
  • cable
  • pop
  • ticket to a movie
  • sell something you can do without
  • walk instead of drive to work for a few days or even a week
And all that money you save Giving Up?...well, use it To Give! Give it back to Giving Back to Africa. Use this link to make your Giving Up To Give donation.
Get motivated by giving up in honor of someone you love or a special day, a birthday or anniversary. 

Involve your friends and family. Don't do it alone. The best giving happens in community, so make your giving up a community effort.

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