Saturday, February 8, 2014

Giving Up To Give a Family Tradition: The Longs

Today, and every Saturday morning during this month of February, Brad and Heather Long and their two daughters will be eating breakfast at home instead of eating out together--a tradition that has been years in the making for them.


Heather explained their Giving Up To Give donation this way:

"We have lived in our current town for almost 10 years. For almost that whole time, we have spent our Saturday mornings enjoying breakfast at our local Chick-Fil-A. We love the food, the service is wonderful, and it's right next to many of our errand stops. The staff there has obviously gotten to know us over that time, celebrating the birth of our older daughter, hosting a fundraiser for our adoption from DRC, and welcoming home our beautiful Congolese daughter. We have been doing a lot of thinking on how we can Give Up To Give and help the wonderful children of Congo. While our weekly trips to Chick-Fil-A probably aren't monetarily the same as giving up fancy dinner every week (we don't have those to give up!), it will be a noticeable change for our family to not have that time together every week. We've already had the chance to explain to our girls how making a small sacrifice like this can help kids that don't have the same opportunities at school that we are so richly blessed with."

Do you have any weekend traditions you could Give Up To Give for a week or a month? Are there places in your life where a small but meaningful sacrifice could may a big difference for children in the Congo?


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Imagine you live in a poor community in a country with a struggling infrastructure and you have no means to provide your child with a high quality education. Now imagine a school is started in your community where your child can attend for free or little cost to you and be taught by teachers who are being trained to educate students in innovative ways. As your child attends this school you begin to see them blossom as they learn they have a voice and that they can make a difference. You watch your child go out into your community and share what they are learning with your neighbors. You watch your community change and you realize that your child is growing into a servant leader who will impact not only your community, but your entire country.

What you are imagining is a reality today for mothers and fathers in the Congo whose children are attending Giving Back To Africa's Centre Salisa school. Children are being empowered. Servant leaders are being formed. A community is being inspired and changed.

And you have the opportunity to be a part of all of it. You can choose to Give Up something in your life so that you can Give the gift of a quality education, the gift of hope, of empowerment, of possibility, of inspiration.

Will you join us today and link arms with parents who want the best for their children, with teachers that are investing in students, and with children who are finding their voice?