Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why $100?

Today is the first day of February, which means the $100 Challenge has officially begun. We are looking for individuals, families, or a group of friends who can find the most creative way to Give Up To Give $100.

Here is what your $100 will do for the Congolese students who are being supported by Giving Back To Africa. Just $100 allows 10 students to participate in a Community Service Action--one of the most vital aspects of the servant leadership educational curriculum. During the Community Service Actions, the students go out into their community and pass on in intentional and empowering ways what they have learned. For example, the last unit the students at Centre Salisa (where Giving Back to Africa works) completed was about waste management. At the end of the waste management unit, the students went out and shared with families in the community better ways to handle waste. Not only does this pass their education on to others in their community, the Community Service Actions also empower the students to share what they have learned, to lead by example, and to feel confident in their ability to teach others. The students learn, change, and grow, and so does the community. The waste management curriculum culminated in the students and the community coming together on a regular basis to work together to clean up their streets. You can read more about the Community Service Actions here.

As you can see, $100 can go a long way in empowering student leaders and making positive changes in their community at a grassroots level and in a sustainable way. So gather your family or a group of your friends and figure out a creative way you can Give Up To Give $100.

*And if you need any extra motivation, we are offering 2 prizes (that themselves benefit work in the Congo) for the most creative Giving Up To Give donations--goat milk soap wrapped in beautiful Congolese fabric, and chocolate made in the Congo.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January in Review and the $100 Challenge

As January winds to a close (and those caught in the polar vortex shout hallelujah!), let's look back at how the past month has been filled with Giving Up To Give. We have had the calendar days marked with Giving Up of a tank of gas, date nights, dinners out, groceries, eating rice and beans dinners, PB&J instead of fast food on the road, drinking tap instead of bottled water, income from a side job, and even some anonymous donations--all To Give so that children in the Congo can receive a quality education. We are amazed! Thank you all for your generous Giving Up To Give, your creative ideas, and your willingness to share the Giving Up To Give challenge with your friends and family.

January has been exciting for us, but can we do it again? Can we really fill another month with Giving Up To Give? Beyond that can we fill 10 more months?

We believe that we can! But we need your help. We need this community of Giving Up To Give to grow and expand and to continue to challenge us to find more places in our lives that we can Give Up To Give.

We also believe that the children Giving Back to Africa are serving are motivation enough for us to fill up all 365 day of 2014 with Giving Up To Give...but a little extra motivation never hurts. So for the remaining 15 days of February (that's right! half of February has already been filled!) we will be running a $100 challenge.

The $100 Challenge is for any couple, family, individual, or group that can find a creative way to Give Up To Give something worth $100. It can be in one day or over the course of several days, or even the whole month. The 2 groups/families/individuals that come up with the most creative way to fulfill the $100 Challenge will recieve a small prize (and the prizes, so as not to defeat the purpose of Giving Up, will be products made in the Congo or products that directly benefit the!)

So get creative. Gather a group of your friends or call your family together and brainstorm creative ways you can take the $100 Challenge. Then click here and sign up.