Monday, April 7, 2014

Giving Up To Give: Spring Break Edition

For many of us it is Spring Break, or it was last week. Spring Break is a great time to travel, relax, do fun activities with your family, and maybe indulge yourself a little (you deserve it, right? It has been a long winter!). We hope that if you get to enjoy a Spring Break that you get to do all of those things. But what if you added a little Giving Up To Give into your Spring Break plans as well?

You could do what the Ramirez family did and Give the money they saved on utilities while they were on a trip visiting family. Or you could do like the Ashabraner family did and Give Up one Spring Break outing. Or take some inspiration from the Yoder family who chose one free attraction over a museum tickets. Pack a lunch en route to one of your Spring Break adventures. Stay with friends or family instead of a hotel. Or maybe avoid the Starbucks drivethru.

We encourage you to find ways to fully enjoy Spring Break, while also Giving Up To Give. Get creative, have fun, and join the Giving Up To Give community!