Friday, May 9, 2014

Giving Up Art Supplies, Contributing To Freedom and Hope

Today our friend Dori is Giving Up her monthy trip to the art supply store. She beautifully describes why this is a meaningful way for her to Give Up and why she was drawn to Giving Up To Give.


I wanted to be a part of the Giving up to Give project because learning, education and creativity have always been doorways to freedom in my life. I think of my younger brother who entered my family through adoption; medical intervention and a stable environment may have enabled his tiny body to fight infection and survive physically, yet it has been art classes and his pursuit of creativity that have allowed him to grow into himself. I love that Giving Back to Africa moves beyond basic survival and gives children an opportunity to discover and create their own freedom through learning.

I began taking art classes several months ago and in drawing and painting have discovered a fresh source of renewal and hope. I normally spend a glorious hour or two in the art supply store every month choosing new paint colors, paper or brushes to experiment with; this week I am grateful to create with the many tools I already have and use the money to contribute to freedom and hope in a different way through supporting Giving Back to Africa.