Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brown Bag Lunches

Throughout the Lenten season, Kim Herbertz is Giving Up To Give two lunches a week. Instead of eating out she will be packing her own lunch and donating the money she saves to Giving Back To Africa. The season of Lent is a time to willingly remove things from your life in order to create space for reflection, slowing down, and reorienting your perspective to things that are eternal. We appreciate Kim choosing to combine this age old practice with involvement in Giving Up To Give.

"I'm giving up eating lunch out during Lent. It is usually once or twice a week. I hope the funds saved can be used to further the mission of Giving Back to Africa. This is for our wonderful granddaughter, Lila" --Kim

What about you? Could you Give Up something in your life for a short time? Would you find that you not only have money To Give, but that you also have more space for reflection and a perspective that is realigned to what matters most in your life?