Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January Totals

At least $500 was donated during January to Giving Back To Africa in the spirit of Giving Up To Give! We are so excited to see a monetary amount (and a good sized one at that!) but we are more excited to see a community of people forming who are willing to Give Up so that they can Give to children in the Congo.

The month of February is halfway over and so far each calendar has been filled. But we need to fill in the 18th, the 21st, and the 28th...and then March is upon us and there will be many days to fill then. So stay with us! Keep looking for ways to Give Up, keep your eyes open to areas in your life where a small sacrifce could make a big difference, keep your hearts connected to a work that is bigger than you.

Together we can keep making 2014 a year of Giving Up To Give. Together we can send a message of hope. Together we can be a part of empowerment and change.