Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Millers

We are so encouraged to see families joining Giving Up To Give and sacrificing together to connect themselves to children in the Congo. What a great lesson for our kids to not only see us Give Up for others, but to participate with us! This week the Miller familly is doing just that by eating rice and beans for dinner and donating their savings to Giving Back to Africa.

Why they are Giving Up To Give in their own words...

Our connection to the Congo comes in the form of a sweet little man who became a part of our lives when he joined the Brown family. We are giving up the cost of a week of dinners and are having rice and beans instead. Its a very little thing for us to do but hopefully it will help someone in the Congo live a better life. Giving up our normal dinners is also a great way to get our kids involved and show them a tangible form of giving that they can understand. The connection they have with Oliver helps to make it real for them as well. That is why we are Giving Up To Give.