Why We (And You) Shoud Care

If you have read through these pages and are not convinced that you need to be a part of Giving Up To Give, then let us speak a little more from our hearts.

We once heard the following illustration given by David Gresham (C.S. Lewis' stepson).
Imagine it is winter and it is cold and snowing outside. As you step out of your door to head to work, you find a baby on your doorstep--abandoned and helpless. Would you do everything in your power to help this baby? Of course you would. You couldn't ignore a need that close to your own door. 
Now imagine you are driving to work instead and you see this baby on the side of the road. Would you stop and help? Of course you would. Not very many people could drive by that kind of need and ignore it.
Now the question becomes, how far away from the baby do you need to be for it to not be your responsibility?
How far away from a need do you have to be before you don't have to care and you don't have to do anything?

We propose that there is no distance too far for each of us to no longer be responsible for answering the needs of our fellow human beings.

The Congo is far away and the needs of her children are not always in front of our faces. But now you know, and you have been given a clear way to help.

If you have read this far, you are probably already answering needs all around you. You are probably already giving in some way or another. Why add one more thing?
Simply put, because you can. We encourage you (and ourselves) to give towards the need in your neighborhood, and the needs in your state. Give to the victims of natural disasters in your community and around the world. Sponsor a child. Volunteer. Give towards a local non profit and an international one. Do all this, and you will still have enough. You can still find a place in your daily life where making a sacrifice to Give Up To Give can make a huge difference in the life of a Congolese child.

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