Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September Giving Up To Give totals

September totals are in, and we are so close to our $5000 goal!
During September together we Gave Up enough to Give $828.87, which makes our year-to-date total
We say this every  month, but it really is true: YOUR--OUR--Giving Up is making a difference. This community of intentional Givers has taken everyday, small-but-meaningful, ways of Giving Up and has turned it into over $4000. And this money makes a huge difference for how Giving Back to Africa can train teachers, empower students, and change a community. 
With 3 months to go before our year of Giving Up To Give comes to an end, we believe we can reach and ever surpass our goal of $5000. Will you join us (again) to help make this possible?