Saturday, August 9, 2014

July Giving Up To Give Totals (we hit a huge goal!!)

July found our Giving Up To Give community packing lunches, emptying change jars, doing haircuts at home, reducing coffee consumption, skipping the farmer's market, eating less food, and Giving Up gatorade and chocolate, gas station drinks, car washes, and date nights, dinner out, clothing purchases, and nonessentials at the grocery store.

And all that Giving Up added up. Together we gave $500.10.

Which brings our year-to-date Giving Up To Give total to $3,297.28!

Amazing! Our $3000 goal has been officially surpassed!

But we aren't stopping here. We have 5 months left, which we believe is more than enough time to bring our Giving Up To Give total to $5000.

Will you help us reach this new goal? We have seen what we can do when we all Give Up together. Let's keep it up, as others to join us, and find more ways to turn our Giving Up into Giving.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giving Up To Give: A Family Dinner Out

Earlier this month Gretchen and her family Gave Up eating a family dinner out and instead chose to dine in. Though just one meal, the money they saved is more than enough to pay a GBA teacher's salary for a month, or help to fund one of the amazing Community Service Actions the students are doing. Just one meal, but a huge impact. Here's why they chose to join Giving Up To Give:

" The main reason that we chose to Give Up a family dinner out is because we truly enjoy helping other people and knowing who we are helping. It is so easy to go spend $50 on a dinner out, but that $50 could go a very long way for those who do not have what we do. I also think it is important to involve our children in Giving to those who are less fortunate than we are. I think it influences them to continue to do these things in life, and I have seen it have a positive impact on my 9 year old son."


Thanks Gretchen and family! We hope others are inspired by your choice to Give Up To Give.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why We Keep Giving Up To Give

The work of Giving Back to Africa is growing and expanding--thanks in part to your continued Giving Up To Give. Remembering why we Give Up is important. We aren't throwing money at a "problem." Our efforts to Give are allowing funds to be allocated towards learning that is empowering and sustainable. These pictures help to tell the story of how your Giving Up is connecting you to real children, a real community, and real hope.

Students practicing English in the new English club The latest Community Service Action: arm

measurements to check for malnutrition


Students practicing a skit for the community fete

Teachers gathered for training.