Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What can you do?

Today, Margaret is Giving Up and latte, and later this month, more lattes and a lunch out. Read on to hear why she is Giving Up and her challenge to you.

"Several years ago I was living in Kampala, Uganda and working with an organic fruit company. I drank instant coffee or none at all, rarely ate dairy, and often made a meal from the fresh fruit and veg seconds from the company's farm. Back in the U.S., I am spoiled again in this Western life. I treat myself to a latte or expensive fruit/veg juice once a week and eat lunches out way too often.

Last spring, I found out about Giving Back to Africa, a Bloomington, IN-based non-profit that works with Democratic Republic of Congo schools to integrate servant-leadership learning into existing curriculum. In doing so, students get members of the community involved in their learning, leading while positively impacting their community.

I miss Africa. It takes hold of you. So giving up a latte for a cup of hot water (so much better than it sounds - try it!) and eating some homemade guacamole and crackers instead of heading out for lunch not only allows me to donate what I might have spent to this worthy cause, but also connects me to the simpler life I led in Uganda.

It doesn't take much to Give up to Give. What can you do?"


Monday, September 1, 2014

Giving Up To Give: Eating out

Beginning this month, Kerry has committed to Giving Up To Give one lunch out. Thanks Kerry for finding a simple and tangible way to support students in the Congo!

Kerry is a member of the Giving Back To Africa board. The entire month of September has been generously filled by members of the Giving Back to Africa board.