Monday, June 30, 2014

Congolese Independence Day and 30 (easy) ways to Give Up To Give

Today Congolese celebrate their Independence Day--a day commemorating their freedom from colonial Belgium rule in 1960. Freedom to be an independent nation was won, but the fight for true freedom in Congo contines today--and you can join! Will you choose to walk alongside students and teachers as they continuue that fight, away from war and poverty, and towards independence, education, empowerment, sustainability, and innovation?

During the month of July we have made joining easy for you. You can choose one of this month's pledges, from $2 and up, to provide curriculum, instruction, and nutrition at our partner school in Congo, and to continue the fight for true freedom.


All you have to do is pick a pledge and leave a comment about what day you are Giving Up To Give in July--it's that easy!