Why We Are Giving Up To Give

So why are we "giving up" something? And why are we asking you to join us? 
You have probably read about the Congo in the news, but none of us can fully comprehend the poverty and upheaval that the Congolese are facing on a daily basis.
The news stories, the nameless faces, the complicated war, and the pervasive poverty can be overwhelming,
and often our reaction is just to ignore it, to feel guilty, or to be overwhelmed.

But there is something that all the news stories and pictures and numbers don't tell us.

They don't tell us about the incredible strength and resilience of so many of the Congolese.
They don't tell us about the personal stories of hope.
They don't speak to the promise that lies in the children of Congo.

We believe that the future hope of the Congo lies in her children--children who need and deserve a quality education.

That is why we are partnering with Giving Back to Africa to help provide this much needed education to the future of Congo. Giving Back to Africa (GBA) works with local Congolese teachers and leaders to help educate children at Centre Salisa, located in Mpasa (near the capital of Kinshasa).
GBA works with orphaned children, street children, as well as children living in stable but poverty stricken homes. Their tireless efforts to empower these children through innovative education techniques and learning oriented around problem solving and community efforts are teaching these children  that they have a voice and that they can make a difference. 

We believe the difference that Giving Back to Africa is making is difference worth Giving Up to Give to.

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