Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June Giving Up To Give Totals

June Giving Up To Give totals are in. They aren't as exciting as our totals for May, but every time we Give Up and Give money to Giving Back to Africa, we make a difference. Every time we make even a small sacrfiice we add to the amazing and transformative work of GBA.

When together we Gave Up frozen yogurt, bedtime snacks, new sandals, meals, date night, new toys, birthday gifts, sugar, Amazon purchases, fast food, and eyebrow waxes, we did more than just Give money to GBA. We made a statement. We said that our momentary comfort is not more important than a quality education for a child in the Congo. We said that the way we live can make a difference for someone else. We said that our sacrifices (even small ones) can empower others.

Our total for June was $178.65, which brings our year-to-date total to: $2797.18

We are so close to $3000! Just over $200 gets us to a pretty exciting number. So join us (again) during July. Get a friend or a family member to join with you. Get creative and make a statement about hope and empowerment for children in the Congo.