Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March Totals

It's official! We have passed the $1000 mark! The Giving Up To Give community brought in $308.71 in the month of march, bringing our year-to-date total to $1,262.52.

Your faithful Giving Up of coffee, pop, date night, pizza night, party favors, and eating lunch out is adding up.

$1,262.52 can mean so many different things for Giving Back to Africa and the students at Centre Salisa...

...a teacher's salary for 3 years

...funding for 12 Community Service Actions (where learning becomes giving back to the community) for 10 students

...or full funding of one Community Service Action for all the students at Centre Salisa

...the cost of developing 3 new problem-based curriculum (the backbone of Giving Back To Africa's method of teaching and what makes their program so unique and successful)

Over a quarter of 2014 is already past. Imagine what we could do as a Giving Up To Give community with the rest of this year if we keep Giving Up together. What if we Gave Up even more? What if we funded even more teacher salaries, Community Service Actions, and curriculum development? What if we chose to Give Up again and again? What if we encouraged our family and friends to Give Up with us? We are just hopeful enough to believe that our Giving Up can be multiplied, that our temporal efforts can have in immeasurable impact, and that our arms can stretch across the world to join hands with some amazing Congolese teachers and students.