Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Giving Up To Give from Dr. Jerry's perspective

Dr. Jerry is the Congolese program director for Giving Back to Africa. Every day he makes the one hour trip from his home to College des Saviors (the new name for Centre Salisa) where he tirelessly works with the teachers in training and developing, and with the students in learning and in empowering them as servant leaders.
 Dr. Jerry embodies the spirit of Giving Back To Africa. He models servant leadership every day for the teachers and students of College des Saviors. And he embodies the spirit of Giving Up To Give as he gives of himself, and even of his salary, to give towards building the future of Congo. Dr. Jerry took the time to write his reasons for why each of us should Give Up To Give and how your Giving Up To Give encourages him in this work. 

"Everyone on earth enjoys gifts from others. Even Jesus Christ when he lived on the earth, from childhood to adulthood, enjoyed gifts from other people he knew and people he did not know. For example, Mary took care of Jesus Christ raising him(with all that it takes to raise a child), people who came to worship Jesus Christ with gifts, and even the disciples who were at the service of Jesus Christ, gave to him. Jesus Christ received many gifts and also gave to the world the precious gift of himself.
For us as humans, we have all benefited from the care of our parents. Everyone has or has had the opportunity to communicate with people he doesn't know (as even communicating is a gift too ), everyone benefits from the gifts from others(even the air we breathe is a gift ... . )
Because of all this– the fact that each of us receives in one way or another gifts from other people, and also because God wants us to GIVE--why not to give gifts in our turn to others?
When I think about what GBA is doing, how they are investing in others to help children from DR Congo to be useful in society I am motivated and grateful."

Dr. Jerry and his wife Angel

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