Monday, December 1, 2014

November Totals

November brought us closer to our $5000 goal. We are now just $258.93 away!
Last month you Gave Up birthday presents, chai, eating out, event tickets, meals, pizza and the contents of your change jar. And that means together we Gave $215! These small everyday decisions keep making a difference. In just 11 months of this Giving Up To Give movement we have been able to contribute thousands of dollars to the work of Giving Back To Africa, work that is impacting the lives of Congolese children in immeasurable ways.

But we aren't done yet. We have one month left find ways to Give Up $258 (or more! we can always surpass our $5000 goal!). Christmas is a busy time for all of us, and often a time where we focus on what to buy and what we want. Let's not forget to make Giving Up To Give a part of our Christmas this year. Give in honor of a loved one instead of buying them something they don't need. Ask for a donation in your name instead of a gift. Get your family involved--this is a great way for kids to see the power of Giving Up for others.

And just in case you need another reason to join Giving Up To Give, listen to what Bryce Smedley (who works at the US Embassy in Kinshasa, Congo) said about the work of Giving Back to Africa.

"I am very impressed with the school and its curriculum...I believe that this project can serve as a platform for advocacy to change the education system in the DRC. I have been able to travel to most of the provinces in the DRC and have visited countless schools. So far, I haven' t visited any school that can compare itself to [this school], it is truly remarkable, the students, teachers, etc."

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